You love your dog, and are a responsible pet owner, supplying good food and water, regular health checkups, typical vaccinations and parasite control treatments as part of the usual health program for your pet. But, you should still not be surprised if your pet becomes ill. Dogs can contract illnesses that can be very mild, all the way to very severe and life threatening, even in the midst of excellent care.

If you are wondering, here are some signs that things may be awry and you may need to get into the veterinarian. Sometimes it is a simple as a gut feeling that your dog isn’t looking himself that tells you things are not quite right.


2Loss of Appetite

This can be for harmless reasons as well as symptoms of something more serious. He may have had too many doggie snacks and may simply not be hungry – check with family members to see if he has had treats you don’t know about. Or he may not like the food he has, or even may be bored with it and need some variety. You also may notice when you change food, particularly to a higher protein diet that he eats less than he used to. This may be normal as the new food may fill him up more quickly and keep him full longer.

However, if he is shying away at mealtimes, isn’t interested in his usual foods, and is eating significantly less without a diet change, he may be telling you that he isn’t feeling well. Just like you, when your dog is sick, he isn’t likely to be very hungry. Keep an eye on overall intake, and if it continues over several days, you may want to get a vet appointment. He may have a health issue, especially if you see any other symptoms.

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