Do you enjoy making clothing right at home? Then you probably know what benefit a dress form adds to your sewing experience. Sure you can have a friend take your measurements and custom make your clothing to fit them, but if can be a pain to try on your new shirt over and over again, especially if a small mistake means you need to undo massive amounts of stitching. Even harder is making a custom item for someone else. Without them there to model the final product, how will you ever know if it actually fits?

A better option is to rely on a dress form instead. Easy to adjust to any size you’ll need, dress forms are the perfect home mannequin and will make it easier than ever to create the outfits of your dreams. Best of all, most dress forms are easy to pin to, meaning you can design your outfit right on the form. However, not all dress forms are created equally. Some come at better price points, while others are full of features a professional dressmaker would never turn down. To aid your search for your perfect dress form, below are four top forms (each one a little different) that will make your home sewing projects more rewarding right away.

4 Top Adjustable Sewing Mannequins

Singer DF251 Adjustable Dress Form

For many home sewers, there’s little point in making your own clothing if you don’t have a stunning place to display them. That’s where the Singer DF251 dress form comes in handy. This deep blue dress form is almost as pretty on it’s own as it is with your clothing on top, and it will make even your most complex alterations a breeze. The ease of adjustments on this dress form is thanks to the 13 Dial and Key Adjustments feature, and the foam-backed fabric exterior makes the process of pinning your clothes to the form easier than ever. The four-leg metal base provides plenty of sturdiness, no matter how high you adjust the form to stand, and the pin cushion and key holder makes it simple to store all your tools for when you need them most. Best of all, this all purpose dress form comes with a 1-year limited warranty to ensure all your projects will get finished in time. Check Price On Amazon

SINGER 12-Dial Fabric-Backed Large Adjustable Dressmakers Dummy

Liven up your craft room with this bold and beautiful dress form for Singer. This scarlet-hued form will naturally brighten your day, but you’ll be even happier with the level of adjustments available to ensure your clothing findings the perfect fit. A 12 adjustment dial through the bust, waist and hips makes getting the right fit a matter of measurements, and the included hem guide helps you get an even bottom with little effort. Easily adjustable height controls make it simple to match your clothing for any body type, and the foam backed fabric exterior is sure to help you pin things in place without a single slipped safety pin. Though the form requires some basic assembly to put it together, you won’t have to worry about pulling out any tools to get it functional. Check Price On Amazon

Dritz Sew You Dress Form, Small

Professional sewers know how important a fully adjustable dress form really is, which is why the Dritz Sew You dress form is designed for those unwilling to compromise on quality. If you know your measurements, this form is simple to personalize to exactly match your size- from the bust to the waist and everything in between. Two auto-set dials are included at the bust and the waist, allowing you to tweak the measurements until you get them exactly right. It’s even possible to use this same form for a friend by using a different color ink to mark their measurements to the wheel tapes. A pin hem marker is included, and the sea green foam covering is both classy and easy to use for pinning and marking your favorite styles. Check Price On Amazon

White Female Dress Form Size 6-8 Medium

Are you ready to support a U.S. based company and buy a top quality dress from? This classy mannequin is what you’re looking for. Having been in the dress form business for 15 years, Only Mannequins knows how to deliver the quality you’ve been looking for. Best of all, if you lose a part or need some repairs, it’s a simple process to get your missing piece mailed to you right from the United States. Made of hard fiberglass and covered in soft foam, an Only Mannequin will withstand your craziest fashion endeavors. All the materials in this dress form are of a higher quality than most, ensuring it will withstand years of use. With care, you can pin your creations right onto the foam and fabric covering. Unlike some dress forms, this mannequin comes with a 2nd hole under the form that makes it simple to fit pants to the model as well. For an innovative center piece, the form can also be taken off its tripod and displayed directly on a table. Check Price On Amazon




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