While summers come near, so do flies and unwanted obstructions. And when you’re a horse rider, this means discomfort not only for you but a full-blown stain to your horse’s convenience as well. So, with that being said, horse fly masks are coming onto the market quite rapidly, and you’d better get yours before they run out. However, the question remains: which horse fly mask is the best? While we cannot establish this as a fact, we find it best to let you be the judge.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Cashel Crusader Fly Mask:

This exquisite Horse Fly Mask has been rated number one by almost all clinicians and animal grooming publications, and it’s no wonder why. The Cashel Crusader Fly Masks are made of the finest nylon micro-meshes, specially designed for maximized comfort and stability. These fly masks for horses are equipped with maximum UV protection, as well as comfortable accommodation for ears and long snouts. There is even an opening at the top to give sufficient space for forelocks and aeration. These masks are cheap and definitely worth it and the best part is they come in many of different sizes.

Cashel Quiet Ride Standard Horse Fly Mask:

The Cashel Quiet Ride Standard Horse Fly Mask is made of a sheer and crystal-clear mesh that allows the horse to navigate its way and does not inhibit its abilities while riding. The Cashel Quite Ride Standard Fly Mask has been specifically designed to provide maximum comfort and stability and has accommodations for the ears, as well as for horses of all shapes and sizes. The design is entirely professional and unique. It will give your horse a characteristic appealing look.

Kensington KPP Fly Mask

The Kensington KPP Fly Mask promises enhanced comfort, as well as robust colors. The Kensington Fly Mask is a high-quality fly mask for equine of all sizes. The dimensions vary, but the overall quality remains the same. The KPP Fly Mask is a major breakthrough and prevents 73% of all UV rays from penetrating the mesh. Other than that, these exceptional fly masks provide maximum comfort and stability for the horses and they ensure 100% visibility. It even has a highly sure double locking system which ensures maximum security and stability.

Kensington KPP Fly Mask with Fleece Trim

The Kensington KPP Fly Mask has a fleece trim around the edges, providing for maximum comfort and durability. Kensington ensures that your horses are feeling their best and have all the potential they need for a good jolly ride. It has a double locking system, which means the fly mask is secured in place and cannot come off on its own. Its 100% visibility and see-through capability is promised, along with a inexpensive pricing. Unfortunately, this style does not have ear covers, however, it does provide an opening for the ears.

SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask

These masks come in three sizes: horse, Arab, and extra-large. The size compensation is no big issue, and neither is the price. The colors vary from silver to copper meshes and have a large variety of trim designs. The SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask is certainly unique and carefully designed and flaunts exquisite features, such as premium quality fabric, a secure double latch system, and optional ear covers.

Noble Outfitters Guardsman Fly Mask

The Noble Outfitters Guardsman Fly Mask is an innovative addition to your horse riding and husbandry collection. These masks have an eccentric and voluminous design and are as professional as they can be. These masks come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate almost all breeds of horses. The fleece lining provides enhanced comfort and satisfaction along with a sleek new look. The Flex Spine Technology is a definite plus and the provided UPF 25+ protection is our personal favorite.

SuperMask II Shimmer Weave Mesh

These masks are specially designed with a double latch security system that ensures premium quality, security, and stability. Apart from that, these fly masks are extremely necessary when keeping horses free from flies, dust, dirt, soil, bacteria, and UV Rays. The SuperMask comes in all sizes, dressed in two different colors. The mesh is not an obstacle standing in the way of the horse’s vision and the security is excellent. In addition, the design is super cute and super extravagant.

Buyer’s Guide:
Summers have arrived, so have the flies and bugs. When it comes to horse breeding and ensuring that these racehorses have the necessary luxuries, it is almost impossible to decide on a specific product. However, we have prepared this guide for your own convenience:

What Is A Fly Horse Mask?

The summer season also brings loads of unwanted pollen and flies, and it couldn’t get worse. For that reason, fly horse masks come in handy. When it comes to giving our horses the best, one can never be satisfied enough. Which is why protection against flies and harmful UV rays is a must. Fly masks for horses are essential pieces of equipment when it comes to ensuring that your racehorses or those for husbandry have all that they need to feel comfortable.

How Does It Work?

Most horse masks are made of sheer mesh fabric, to allow maximum see-through visibility. This is important to make sure that the horses are able to see while riding or while at rest. Horse masks cover almost the entire face, and may or may not have covers for the ears. Most only cover a portion of the snout, while others cover it entirely. The masks have a mesh that prevents flies, dust, stones, and other things from hitting the horse’s face and disturbing it. Moreover, some horse fly masks are made of special fabric that prevents UV rays from coming through, ensuring that your horse is discomfort-free. They play essential roles in minimizing airborne diseases and chances of UV-induced cancer. While horse fly masks aren’t entirely necessary, they do promise tons of new experiences and added protection against flies and diseases.

What to Look For?

A good place to start would be visibility. Make sure that the mesh is see-through and provides maximum comfort for the horse. Also, try looking for soft nylon fabrics, as these are very comfortable and soothing against the skin and do not produce cuts or abrasions. Another thing that may be kept in mind is UV protection. While not present in all masks, most horse fly masks now come with UV protection, providing added security and safety.
Double latch and jaw locking systems are premium as they provide extra security and ensure that the mask is secured in place. Ear covers may or may not be necessary, depending on your needs. The size and shape of the mask are mandatory to be checked. Try measuring you are the dimensions of your horse’s face beforehand or try putting the mask on it to confirm the size.

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