Do you hate getting wet when struggling to open or fold that pesky umbrella on rainy days? You came to the right place! We’ve got just the solution you’re looking for. Stay dry while getting to work or running errands by ditching regular umbrellas for reversible umbrellas.

We’ve gathered the best reversible umbrellas (AKA inverted or inside-out umbrellas) you can find online and reviewed them for you. Read about each umbrella’s features and what other people have to say about them. And to help you make a better decision, we’ve also put together a short but helpful buyer’s guide that details some things you need to consider when choosing the best inside-out umbrella for your needs.

Reversible umbrella’s look just like any regular umbrella except that it opens and closes from the other end instead of towards the handle. This makes folding up the umbrella less cumbersome and lessens the chances of getting you or those around you wet.

So, what should you look for when choosing a reverse umbrella?

Heavy-duty frame: Choose an umbrella which frame is made out of heavy-duty material like metal, aluminum or stainless steel. As much as possible refrain from buying an umbrella with a plastic frame. They may be lighter to carry but they won’t be last as long or be as durable as a metal or steel-framed one.

You can also find reverse umbrellas with wooden frames. These umbrellas are usually the most aesthetically pleasing while still ensuring durability. There are also umbrella frames made from fiberglass material. These kinds are said to be the best type of frame as they can withstand the strongest of winds. Fiberglass frames bend and flex when faced with strong winds and thus, aren’t as prone to breaking as other frame materials.

Waterproof canopy: A good reverse umbrella should have a waterproof fabric as a canopy since its primary function is to keep the user dry. Make sure that the umbrella you’re buying is made of synthetic polymer fabric or high-density pongee fabric as these materials are both durable and waterproof.

You can also opt for inverted umbrellas with polyester fabric canopies. This material is quite resilient to the elements whether its heat or rain that you’re going up against. However, be warned that polyester umbrellas’ fabric colors tend to fade over time. If you want a durable fabric which colors won’t fade, choose umbrellas made of an acrylic fabric. They’re easy to clean and also wind and water resistant.

C-shaped handle: If you live in a place where rains are accompanied by strong winds, you’ll want a inside-out umbrella that’ll give you a good and stable grip. We recommend that you choose one with a c-shaped handle as they are slip-resistant and more convenient.

Automatic mechanism: Since you’re choosing to use inside-out umbrellas because of their convenience, it’s quite logical that you choose one that has an automatic opening and folding mechanism. You can open and close your umbrella with just a press of a button instead of manually doing it.

Best Inverted Umbrella Reviews

BAGAIL Double Layer Umbrellas – Best All-Around Reversible Umbrella

If you’re looking for a great all-around reverse umbrella that you can use for all kinds of weathers, check out the Bagail Double Layer Inverted Umbrella.
This umbrella will give you protection from both UV rays and rains with its double layer of protection provided by high-quality pongee fabric. The fabric is wind-resistant and can offer sun protection of up to SPF 50.

Another great thing about this Bagail umbrella is that it has a C-shaped handle which will enable you to use it hands-free. This is a fantastic feature for mothers who go about their errands with their young children in tow. It also comes in over 20 different colors and designs you can choose from.

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FIDUS Outdoor Umbrella  -Best Compact and Portable Reversible Umbrella

Reversible umbrellas aren’t really known for being the most compact type of umbrellas. But those of you looking for a compact umbrella might find the Fidus Reverse Outdoor Umbrella to be their perfect match.
Unlike others of its kind, this Fidus umbrella has a three-fold telescopic shaft which allows the umbrella to be folded to a portable 11-inch length. This feature makes this product great for students and people who don’t like to carry a long umbrella everywhere.
One more feature you might like is this reverse umbrella’s fully-automatic operation mechanism. Thus, you can easily open and fold this Fidus product with just a press of a button. This makes one-hand operation possible as well.

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REPEL Folding Inverted Umbrella – Best Free-standing Reversible Umbrella

If you’re particularly concerned with keeping your floors dry, then getting a free-standing reverse umbrella is the way to go. But this nifty mechanism is only one of the awesome features that this umbrella offers. It also has a waterproof canopy coated with Teflon which allows it dry in just a few shakes. What more it can also withstand strong winds as it has a rib frame made from eight twin-layered fiberglass ribs. In connection, the umbrella has a safety mechanism which automatically closes the umbrella during extreme weather to prevent the ribs from snapping and breaking.

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BETTER BRELLA Wind-Proof Umbrella -Most Durable Reversible Umbrella

The Better Brella Wind-Proof Umbrella is a fantastic choice for those of you looking for a durable reverse umbrella.
Case in point, its extra durable double layer canopy construction allows it to be used even with winds as fast as 50 miles per hour. It has a locking mechanism which keeps the umbrella open in high speed gusts of winds. One more thing that keeps the double ribs in place is the fact that they are sandwiched between the two layers of fabric to avoid snapping and snagging.
People who’ve bought this Better Brella product confirms its great performance during windy weather. They also liked the umbrella for its wide coverage of over 41 inches.

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