Mermaid tail blankets are one of the hottest trendy things out there right now. Take a look at this selection of free patterns for making your own crochet mermaid tail blanket, no matter the size you need to make! The patterns included here will give you all the instructions you need whether you want to make one for an infant, a young child, or even an adult!

There are numerous versions of this DIY, so you can look at a lot of selections and pick your favorite version. Take a look here for a wide variety of choices to Pin!

No matter the season, you can always enjoy working on this unique mermaid tail blanket with this free pattern. Crochet mermaid tail blankets are all the rage in the DIY world. There are a great deal of different versions, so take a look throughout our entire list to find the one that really appeals to you. In addition, we have provided a video tutorial to really help you see how this project goes together. Now, if you don’t feel like you have the time or energy to make your own, you can find one to purchase as well. At the bottom of our post we have included the best crochet mermaid tail blanket for sale.

When cold weather comes and the winds howl, you just want to retreat to a warm and cozy spot with a super warm blanket. Well, with this mermaid tail blanket you will have your legs all tucked in and warm while you binge watch TV or read your favorite book, cozy and warm though the weather may not be nice.

 Free pattern=>Mermaid Tail Free Pattern by Elizabeth Cala



Get pattern=>Mermaid Tail ~ Namasta Crochet Original

Get pattern=>One evening Mermaid tail blanket

Get pattern=>Jean Lafitte’s Mermaid Lap Blanket by Jennifer Gelder

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Get pattern=>Crochet Mermaid Tail Fin Pattern

Get pattern=>Wearable Afghan Mermaid Tail


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Get pattern=>Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

Get pattern=>Mermaid Tail by Kat Goldin

Get pattern=>Mermaid Tail Afghan Pattern

We’ve also found you a great video tutorial below “How To Crochet An Adult Make A Mermaid Afghan” Check out:


Get free pattern->Adult Sized Mermaid Lapghan

Free pattern >> Mermaid Crochet Tail Free Pattern

Get free pattern->Mystic Mermaid Cocoon

Get free pattern->Mermaid Newborn Cozy

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Mermaid Tail Blankets for Sale

How often did you mother tell you to put some extra socks on if you were cold? Did she insist that if your feet felt warm then you would feel warm all over? Well, she was right. Lovely, snuggly crocheted blankets have always been popular, and the mermaid tail crochet blanket is the newest and hottest fad in the DIY community. They have been all the rage with the hobbyists and now are also highly sought after by those who don’t make them but do enjoy them. If you don’t feel the inclination to make one yourself, don’t be disappointed. You can find some to buy right here.

In this section we have put together the great collection that are ready to ship! This is perfect for those that don’t know how to crochet – get yours at the link below.

Bulky & Quick Mermaid Blanket by MJ’s Off The Hook Designs
Bulky & Quick Mermaid Blanket by MJ’s Off The Hook Designs <=Purchase here

purchase —>Mermaid Blanket by Kristi Simpson

Laghcat Mermaid blankets are for sale on Amazon, you can order yours —> here


purchase on Amazon —>Fleck Pink Mermaid-Blanket

purchase —>Mermaid Sleeping Blankets Crescent Light Blue & Pink

Huge collection:45 Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet

Check out below amazing blankets from the Sirenatail Collection

Mermaid Blanket with Scales Coral/turquoise

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