photo credit: Berkana/Instructables

Traditional fridges are a convenient solution for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. But the appliance is of no use to those who reside in areas without electricity. However, with the use of the Zeer Pot, keeping food at moderate temperatures is no longer a problem.

The Zeer Pot is a DIY refrigerator that only requires water, sand, two pots, and hot weather to generate a cooling effect, via evaporation! To assemble this fridge, you need to place a small terra cotta pot inside a bigger one prior to forming a layer of sand between them. Afterward, simply add water to the sand to keep it cool. Then place the fridge in a windy area.

photo credit: Berkana/Instructables

The sand acts as a thermal mass, which keeps the pot chilled after it has cooled down. It sand also serves as a wick to expand moisture up the pot’s walls. When placed in a breezy, shaded location, the evaporation of water on the exterior surface cools the pot. If you have a solar-powered fan – or even a nice breeze – the pot can get substantially cold. This organic evaporation aids in cooling food and beverages within the pot. It may not provide a frigid effect, but it will chill down to approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit efficiently.

photo credit: Berkana/Instructables

This innovative process was re-invented by Mohammed Bah Abba, a Nigerian teacher who developed the technique for natives of under-developed regions of the Middle East and Africa. Inhabitants living in such harsh conditions now have the ability to develop their own Zeer Pot fridge, without the need for electricity. This sustainable system is helpful in preserving cold fruits and vegetables in hot places over the world that don’t have a regular power supply.

Visit instructables.com for the 7-step detailed guide how to make your own zeer pot.

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