When we think of communication, we generally think of words and other vocal communication. Your dog however uses much more than just sound to communicate. Body language can tell you a great deal about your dog, and actually it tells you more than any noises he might make. If you pay attention to your dog’s body language you can really begin to understand what your dog might be thinking and what he might be thinking of doing before it happens. With attention, you will be able to assess your dog’s comfort with whatever is going on around him.

Emotional cues your dog gives you:

5Deferential and obedient

Your dog will communicate that he is subordinate to you or another dog. When she does this, she does not make eye contact, will lower her head, flatten her ears, hold her tail down with maybe a slight wag. A very direct deferential movement is for her to lay on her back and show her belly. Licking and nuzzling are also submissive activities. When your dog looks away or distracts herself, she is avoiding any conflict, deflecting any threatening interaction, showing that she is submissive.

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