As pet owners, we want our canine friends to be to be happy in our company and in their life. Health is a significant portion of a dog’s happiness, and there is quite a bit you can do to increase your furry friend’s overall life happiness. There are some basic things that you can do to structure his life to increase his comfort, and then there are a bit more advanced things you can do to add to his happiness.

22. Give your pup a job for when you’re gone and he is left alone.

Your dog may need a job, particularly when you have to be away from him. Some dogs need something to hold their attention and keep them engaged so they don’t get into trouble trying to entertain themselves.

Treasure hunts – Your dog will be very motivated to search out hidden treats, and by hiding them around the area you want your pet to be in will keep him busy. Your dog was bred for a job, whether it be hunting, guarding or herding livestock, at least somewhere back in his pedigree. So the drive is in your dog inherently. You can alter where you put things and the difficulty level of your hiding places. This will keep your pup active and thinking while you are away from him.

Interactive pet cam – There are now cameras that will let you interact with your pet while you are away from home, adding a whole new dimension to the concept of “nanny cams”. Not only can you visually check in on your pet right from your phone, but you can actually release treats and medications or play with laser pointers, all while you are away from home! You can check in to see that your pet is safe, and do more than just set your mind at ease.

Food dispensing toys – These toys will spill out food or treats when your dog works with it. They can be in several variations of complexity, and you can even make your own with something as simple as a water bottle. Your dog will stay busy getting the food it would normally munch on anyway, and will experience less boredom.

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