Do you have a huge hankering for growing a lovely garden, but don’t have a lot of space? This can be helped a great deal by the use of your vertical spaces, rather than just the surface square footage. Consider your roof area, balcony, and other areas such as a deck or patio. Most gardens, even traditional gardens, use vertical space for preventing overcrowding, preventing disease, the ability to reach more easily to harvest, and even for simple beauty. People who have hydroponic gardens, aeroponic gardens, and traditional gardens all use vertical gardening as another growing method.

When a plant frows vertically, it keeps a large portion of itself up off the ground and away from bugs and diseases that generally are closer to the ground. It will be spread out more, get more airflow, which will help to keep away molds and fungus type diseases that you don’t want on your plants. The airflow keeps the plant foliage from getting too moist.

Also, this vertical growth potential will allow room for birds to come and lend a hand. As birds come around your vertical garden, they will eat any cutworms, aphids, whiteflies, grubs and other larvae that would prey upon your plants and inhibit your produce. Also, another by-product of birds visiting your plants is that they will help to pollinate your plants as well.

You can easily find gardening towers as the popularity of vertical gardening has grown. Take a look at this to get some ideas of what is out there.

Garden Towers Project

These are made by Garden Tower Project and are a unique design to blend composting and vertical gardening. This system will set you up with a vermicomposting system at the bottom, which will fertilize the plants that grow on the tower. So, you won’t need chemicals for fertilizing, just add worms when the season starts and you will have a wonderful cycle.

There is a column in the center where you can add the items ready for composting, then the worms can go to work and process it into wonderful compost for the plant growing on the tower. You will have wonderfully fertilized plants, all by your own kitchen scraps!

This tower will fit into small areas, as it takes up only about 2 feet by 2 feet 2 inches for the space for the planter, but the vertical height is 44 inches high. So, it will fit into a small area wherever you choose to place it – balcony, patio or even indoors. Because of its limited size, it can be easily turned so you can make sure all parts of the plants get good sun exposre and you can easily harvest produce! Imagine that – a composter that will also grow a lovely vertical garden. Organic and self sufficient. Check on

Flower Tower

This tower is designed so it is completely self supporting from the base. Simple to put together, at a complete height of 34 inches, and thirty holes for the plants you want to have growing. It gives you an internal watering system, is low maintenance, and requires no pumps or electricity. It is wonderfully efficient at using water, so takes little watering time. There are tubes that come out from the top, so you can pour water in and effectively water the entire structure and all plants. This way you can also add fertilizer to this structure as well. You will find that this tower, placed in the spot you prefer, will let you have a very healthy and lush column of growth, be it flowers or vegetables. Check on

Tower Garden by Juice Plus

Tower Garden by Juice Plus (image source)

Juice Plus has designed this unique aero ponics system. An aeroponics system is a sytem that does not require soil or another growing medium, just water and liquid nutrients This is made to be used in the home and even commercially if desired. You will need to be sure to invest in a plant food that is particularly made for this kind of system, as aeroponic systems require specific nutrients that the plants would otherwise get in soil. Reportedly, you can expect 30% more productivity with this system. The vertical system provides you with at least 28 pots for plants. With a small square footage, six square feet, you have a lot of room to grow a great dea as the plants’ roots are given a continuous flow of water and the liquid nutrients throughout the growing season.

Mr. Stacky: A unique planter

This is a different take on a vertical planter, with five tiered levels, only using one square foot of ground space. It is made so you water from the top, and it then cascades down the planter, watering all the plants you have. With this system, you are less likely to get your roots sitting in water and rotting. You can grow about twenty plants in the tiers, and can vary the varieties on the tiers. If you need to adjust your plantings or want a different arrangement, you can take it apart into separate pieces and use each independently. Check on

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