Man Who Gives Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts (5)

Shelter dogs are too often overlooked or brushed aside. In many cases they are perceived as damaged goods, not worthy of attention. One man is standing up saying it’s just not true!

All dogs in shelters deserve a second chance at finding a new “forever” home with someone to love and take care of them. Older dogs have an even more difficult time at finding someone who wants to take them home They’re older, might even have arthritis, some hearing or eye loss, but are good healthy dogs who just happen to have unkempt, matted coats.

There’s one man, Mark Imhof who is turning these dogs lives around. He is a professional dog groomer from NYC that has only one mission in life – to change the lives of these dogs. He goes to Animal Care Centers of NYC and gives older dogs free baths and haircuts so they too will find a “forever” home.

Man Who Gives Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts (6)

Mark wasn’t always a dog groomer, he graduated from New York University with an MBA. He was in the process of finishing up a consulting job when his fiancée suggested he make a change in his life.

They remember back on all the dogs they adopted from the shelter and how dirty they were and a dream was born! They decided he would groom these dogs at the ACC for free and hope that this tender loving care would not only make them look better, but also feel better.

Mark now has his own pet-sitting, dog-walking and grooming service. Although his business has taken off, he has never given up on these dogs and continues to help them at ACC. When he returns home,he is greeted by his own four-legged friends in which two of them are rescued Pit Bulls.

His incredible love and commitment to these shelter dogs has proven that even the shiest, most frightened dog needs just as much love as everyone else.

You can view more of his transformations on Mark’s Facebook & Instagram pages. You can also learn more about his dog-walking, pet-sitting and grooming services on his website.

Visit his profiles on facebook and instagram.

Before and After shots of what a haircut can do for these dogs.

Man Who Gives Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts (14)

Former businessman, Mark Imhof, on a mission to turn shelter dogs into adoptable friends.

Man Who Gives Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts (1)

Dogs with matted,unkempt fur have a much lesser chance of being adopted into a forever home.

Man Who Gives Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts (7)
Man Who Gives Shelter Dogs Free Haircuts (9)

Mark Imhof now has his own pet-sitting, dog-walking, grooming service but continues to help shelter dogs at ACC

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