If you’re like most people, you’re probably tossing your fruit peels into the trash bin without a second thought. Well it’s time to stop this wasteful behavior. The benefits in those peels are too valuable to be thrown away and can be put to better use in your garden or compost bin. Wouldn’t it be great to replace all your chemical fertilizers and pesticides with the kitchen scraps you’ve been dumping? By adding your peels to your garden, not only will you be minimizing household waste, you will also be limiting the chemicals you need to put on your land while keeping the landscape looking beautiful.

What do you have to lose? Put those banana peels to work for you!

1 1. Making Simple Comost

By far the simplest and easiest way to utilize old banana peels is to stick them right into your established compost pile. The breakdown of banana peels provides potassium and phosperous to the new soil, which helps your garden plants to grow stronger roots and to be healthier overall. Keep in mind that too much of any one thing is bad news for your compost system, so be sure to balance out the “green material” of your peels with some “brown” material like leaf litter or cardboard. Your peels will break down very quickly in warmer weather, so be sure to keep the pile stirred to encourage the whole pile to decompose. Remember, other critters may be interested in your peels for their own snack, so keep them buried in the middle of the pile so they don’t become a tempting treat.

 2. Compost Tea


If you don’t want to start a compost pile, you can still get all the benefits from your fruit peels by fermenting them into a compost tea. The process is simple; just soak the banana peel in a liquid for several days until the nutrients begin to get leeched from the peel into the water. The resulting mixture is called compost tea, and it’s a great garden additive. Just mix five parts water with one part banana tea and you have a mineral-rich solution to perk up your plants every month in replacement of your normal watering schedule. The added nutritional boost will stimulate stronger root growth and leave your garden looking gorgeous.



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