You love your dog, and are a responsible pet owner, supplying good food and water, regular health checkups, typical vaccinations and parasite control treatments as part of the usual health program for your pet. But, you should still not be surprised if your pet becomes ill. Dogs can contract illnesses that can be very mild, all the way to very severe and life threatening, even in the midst of excellent care.

If you are wondering, here are some signs that things may be awry and you may need to get into the veterinarian. Sometimes it is a simple as a gut feeling that your dog isn’t looking himself that tells you things are not quite right.

1Breathing difficulties

Your dog can get ill just as you can, so you may see some symptoms that need to be addressed. Seasonal allergies or allergies to chemicals can cause animals significant issues, and they can wheeze, cough, sneeze and even have trouble breathing due to this. Take a look and see if you have added anything new, or they have been exposed to more cleaning agents, perfumes, air fresheners, etc. These can all cause problems for humans and their dogs alike.

Dogs and cats can also get their own type of the flu or cold. Medication can be provided to help them breathe more comfortably while they recover.

Heart disease, kennel cough and aspiration pneumonia can all be serious health issues that produce respiratory symptoms and must be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian. If respiratory issues crop up, get your dog assessed to help him be comfortable and breathe easily!

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