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If camping is a hobby of yours, you’re going to love POD Tents, which are a series of modular and connectible tents that allow you to build a social community within them!
This modular camping structure is comprised of singular tents that can be merged together using connector tunnels. As such, you’ll be able to construct a big internal space where you can spend time with your friends and family.

The best part about these modular pod tents are their adaptability. You can select either a small version (4-person Mini) or a large version (8-person Maxi), and connect as many as you want – and then walk through all of them!

pod tents (2)The Maxi allows campers to sleep in a rounded pattern, with each person’s head in the middle. The Mini sleeps campers beside one another in the middle of the tent. An interior sleeping cell accompanies the Mini, which divides the sleeping section into dual chambers for two people. The cell is able to be merged with the Maxi, so that it can be separated into sleeping areas for 2 people, while creating an independent lounge space in the process.

Maxis sell for approximately $700, while Minis are about $575. Sleeper cells can be purchased for $139. Be mindful that additional accessories to build the tunnels within the tents cost extra.
Take a look at the photos below for a visual of how the modular pod tents appear outdoors.


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Source www.podtents.com

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