There are so many interesting ideas out there for creative lighting solutions, but when you are on a budget, that can be even more challenging than you might hope. Mason jars can be an excellent solution that will give you a romantic, rustic look while not looking cheap and tacky. You have numerous options in looks, all depending upon your creativity and ability to try different options: sconces, hanging lights, wall fixture lights, chandeliers or luminaries with candles.

Take a look at these tutorials and see what appeals to you. Imagine some of these lighting options indoors or outdoors, in various rooms and settings.

Mason Jar Light Fitting

This adaptation will help you use your mason jars in your creative lighting ventures. It is easy to use, and gives off quite a bit of light, all from the skilled mind of designer Brandi Sawyer. Follow the link to her DIY. There you can find her tutorial as well as more of her engaging works. This tutorial will walk you through the entire process and you will appreciate all the help. Go to the DIY site here.


Mason Jar Chandelier Video Tutorial

Consult with a licensed electrician to be sure you have considered all the electrical components and challenges as you install this type of chandelier.  Here is a video tutorial that will get you through the entire process in excellent detail. Click Play to see!

Mason Jar Wheel Chandelier

Follow this DIY to make a completely unique chandelier out of a wagon wheel or even a bicycle wheel if you have better access to that. Here is one that is for sale on Etsy, but you can create your own with a wheel of your choosing.


How to Make a Mason Jar Chandelier for Less Than $100=>


Here is another DIY mason jar chandelier guide

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