Synthetic grass has gained popularity as it has become more eco-friendly and realistic looking. The upside is that it doesn’t require the maintenance of natural lawn. No mowing, no watering, no fertilizer needed. A good one will even look real and fool the neighbors. You will save time, save effort, and maybe even save your back with maintenance free grass! It has become more and more popular and is gaining use by 10 to 15% a year.


Why would artificial grass be useful?

Artificial grass uses a water permeable backing, with threads through to make the leaves of grass. It is usually placed over a foundation that will allow for good drainage, such as pea gravel or other sources. It can be held down with stakes that can be pounded into the ground, or with sand placed over it that will fill it in some and hold it down. This water permeable base is very helpful in dog runs, decorative borders, golf putting greens, play areas and even lawns.

Thankfully, this grass does not require cutting or all the other care of real grass, it won’t require increasing your water bills during the summer, it won’t need chemicals to keep it looking nice and exposing you to the same chemicals, it will always look good even in times of drought. It can be installed in almost any area. There are some very amazingly realistic looking turfs that will fool most people.


Artificial grass costs

What kind of costs should you expect? On the other hand, the purchase price of artificial grass is fairly large upfront. You will pay more for the more realistic looking grasses. It will need to be installed, so there is an upfront cost to that as well. You will be looking at spending $10-20 per square foot on your artificial grass. While grass usually will feel cool on your feet, artificial turf will absorb heat and can get quite warm in sunny and temperate climates, unless it is installed in shady areas. You will find that your artificial turf will pay back your investment in about seven years as you don’t have the continual fees of watering and maintenance.


Some grasses are even mixed with brown grass blades to add to the realism effect. You may find that the companies that install artificial grass will be your best resource for recommendations on the best grass for you and your needs. If you have a fair amount of handyman experience you may be able to install it yourself if you have a small area, however for larger areas you may very well want to have a professional involved.

Lifespan of artificial grass

You can expect your artificial grass to last 8-15 years, and usually is under warranty for this same time period. During this time you won’t need to water it, mow it, fertilize it, or weed it. You will want to use the hose to spray it clean, and may want to disinfect it periodically. Of course, if you have pets that are routinely on your artificial grass you will want to clean it more frequently. When your turf has served its lifespan, you will need to be able to dispose of it appropriately. Your installer can give you information on where it can be recycled for the best consideration of the environment.

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