Did you know that your dog has a super duper skill? He can take smells on the air that we don’t even notice, and learn amazing details from what is in the air. He can tell you so much about what is around you, because his nose was made to help him hunt and survive.  Our dogs no longer have to use their scent skills to survive, but they still have it and they cannot turn them off. Give him a chance to use this special skill of his to enhance his life and reduce his boredom with our poor responses to smells.

1Hide & Seek

There are many ways you can engage your dog’s olfactory skills and his quality of life!
Hide! When your dog is engaged and not focused on you, hide somewhere in the house and wait to see if your dog can find you. He will look for you eventually and if you make a bit of noise, you will engage his attention. Imagine his joy when he finds you and you are excited and praise him! This helps him use those instincts that are bred into him for time unknown and enjoy time with you.

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