When we think of communication, we generally think of words and other vocal communication. Your dog however uses much more than just sound to communicate. Body language can tell you a great deal about your dog, and actually it tells you more than any noises he might make. If you pay attention to your dog’s body language you can really begin to understand what your dog might be thinking and what he might be thinking of doing before it happens. With attention, you will be able to assess your dog’s comfort with whatever is going on around him.

Emotional cues your dog gives you:


When you dog is comfortable and confident, you can see that the dog is standing with her ears and eyes perked and attentive, standing tall with tail up. This is a time when your dog is not showing any threatening behaviors and instead is showing her comfort with her world.


Your dog will not only be alert, tail high, ears and eyes attentive, but she may be panting or simply holding her mouth open, with no hesitation or indication of upset or worry.

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