If you’re like most people, you’re probably tossing your fruit peels into the trash bin without a second thought. Well it’s time to stop this wasteful behavior. The benefits in those peels are too valuable to be thrown away and can be put to better use in your garden or compost bin. Wouldn’t it be great to replace all your chemical fertilizers and pesticides with the kitchen scraps you’ve been dumping? By adding your peels to your garden, not only will you be minimizing household waste, you will also be limiting the chemicals you need to put on your land while keeping the landscape looking beautiful.

What do you have to lose? Put those banana peels to work for you!

2 3. Feed Your Seeds

To give a boost to your young seedlings before they start to grow, chop up your banana peels and stick small pieces in the soil at the bottom of the seed starting container. This will give the seed a powerful boost of nutrients and will encourage it to grow stronger roots and become more resistant to disease.
A note of caution: don’t let you seed touch the banana peel itself, because the decomposition process might become too strong for the plant and it may get burned and damaged from the nitrogen content.

 4. Using it for Fertilizer


When they break down, almost all fruit peels put nitrogen back into the soil. Bananas are the most efficient for use as a natural fertilizer because their high water content causes them to rot extremely quickly when they are buried, resulting in plenty of essential nutrients being added to the soil. One banana peel can quickly restore potassium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium to the soil. Another alternative is to dehydrate the banana peels and grind them into a mulch that can be added right to the space where you want to plant.



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